Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prithivi Narayan Shah

Prithivi Narayan Shah
The great king was born in gorkha on 27 th Paush 1779 B.S. king Naranbhupl shah and queen Kaushalyawati were his parents . He asscended the throne of Gorkha in 1799 B.S,at age of twenty .
In those days , Nepal was divided into small states , each ruled by a king .There were 24 Principlpalities in the Gandaki ergion , regonizied as "Chaubise Rajya". Kathmandu valley itself was divided into three kingdoms -Kathmandu , Bhaktapur and Patan. Beside, there were Bijaypur, Makanpur and Chaudhari in the eastern region ,There were numerous quarrels among the tiny rulers . There was no unity among the states .
Prithivi naryan shah thought of coming conquering the ststes and unifying them into a nation .He conquered the kathmandu valley in 1815 B.S. and moved his capital from Gorkha to Kathmandu.Then he conquered some other states and laid the foundation of a greater Nepal.
He was adso an able administrator , he gave advice to his follwers ans future rules of the country . These are populary known as 'Divine counsel ' (Dibya upadesh) .His famous bounlders " has become a guideline with regards to the foreign policy of the country .
Prithivi narayan shah aimes to build a greater and powerful Nepal .His dreams were fulfilled by his second son Bahadur shah . He gave us a nation , we esteem him as the builder of modern Nepal. We regurd him as the great king and celebrate 27th of Pausha, his birthday , as "Prithivi Jayanti and National Unity day 'every year.'

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