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Arniko was a famous architect durning the reign at jay Bhimdev malla. At that time m,Kublui khan was the emperor of China. Arniko was also known as Balabahu . The emperor of China wanted to construct a golden stupa for his guru Pagspa , in Tibet,so ,he asked king Jay bhimdev malla to send some dexterity architects from nepal. in 1260 A.D. Jay bhimdev malla send a team of 80 architect to Tibet. Araniko was the leader of nepalese architects who went to Tibet .
araniko was a talented architect . He built several Pogoda style memories in Tibet , in addition to the golden stup for which was invited . Pagspa was very much imprinted with Araniko . He introduce him to Kublai khan Araniko was warm welcolmed by Kublai khan . He made him one of the ministers of his court and confered the title "The controller of imperial studies".Araniko made all kindsof work of art in China and made China rich in art and architecture .
He settle down in China . He married in China, first a nepali girl , and the eight mogolian girls according to the costom of China . At that time , there was a practice of marrying as many as 8 wives by the members of Royal court , he had eight daughters ans six sons. His sons , daughters and his disciples carried out tjhe works of Araniko. THey influenced the art and architectture of Japan ,Malaysia ,Mongolia and Indonesia ,etc. . Among the works of Araniko ,the white pogoda and the Archway of young Tai are still there is china which nsing the glogry of araniko .Hence , Araniko made Nepal known to other countries by this work of art and architecture .

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