Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lord Gautama Buddha

Lord Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha was born in the 6th centure B.C in Kapilabastu district. Which lies in Lumbini Zone in the Terai rigion of Nepal . It was once the kingdom Shakyas in 6th century .Suddododhana Sakya was the king of Kapilbastu . His queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddartha at a place called Lumbini.Siddhartha ,who came to be regonized as Gautama Buddha .he was married with Yasodhara at the age of 13 .They had son called Rahul .
Siddhartha offered lonliness from his very childhood. He used think about the worries of human life .He used to ask himself , why do people endure from diseases ? why do people grow old ? why do the die ?what is the remedy of all such trobles ? He was eager to know the obscurity of life .
At the age of 29 , he abandoned wife , son, parents and relatives and his future kingship , and at midnight in seek of knowledge and truth of life .
He visited to many places , went to and made association with many friends ,but he was disstisfied . He sat for meditation in gaya for six years and practised hard penances. At last, on the day of Baiakh purnima sitting under a Bodhi tree, he attained a supreme knowledge and become "Buddha"or the enlightened one .Therafter , he was called Gautama Buddha .
GAutam Buddha preached his first sermon at Sarnath in India . He preached his teachings for 45 years . His teaching included the four Noble truths and the eightfold paths :
_ Nnon-injury to orthers,
_ love everyone,
_ non- violence ,
_ help one another,
_ live a peaceful and be truthful
are some the teaching of Buddha.He dieed at kushiagar at the age og eighty after his death , his follwers made up his teachings which gave birth a new religion , called Buddism . Buddism diffused all over the world and became a major religon. Today , Gautama Buddha is known as "Light of Asia ".
the preacher of peace madce N epal known widely thoughout the world , Lumbini ,the birth place of Gautama Buddha become apilgrim and a center of tourism in the country .thus , Gautama Buddha prostrate the foundation of peace and frienship.
The traditional characteristies and its people.

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