Saturday, November 7, 2009

introdruction of nepal

Nepal is a peaceful and beautiful paradise in the world . it is rich in culturul heritage , wonderful scnery , religion and other secter. Nepal is small country, it is lies in between in India and china . it is landlock country , so here are many famouse mountains, peaks ,fast fold rivers, and different types of wildanimals , birds and plants . it is small country but we can find three kinds weather in nepal , it is special part of neapl .
beside,nepal is historical country . It has afertile sowil not only for the crops , vegetatains and naturul beauty but also for great people. It has extended many great people who made great colections in different fields . They have done great contributions for nepal . goverment of Nepal has declared such great people as National Heroes .Who lived in past and were famous for their great deeds are respected as National heroes of nepal .They are Gautama Buddha , Araniko , Prithivi Narayan shah and Bhanu Bhakta Acharya.

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